Residual Waste

Residual Waste (RW) consists of non-hazardous waste that is usually created by facilities in the manufacturing industry.  This type of waste is accepted in both liquid and solid forms pending approval by the facility.  Wastewaters associated with natural gas development and infrastructure cannot be directly disposed of in a landfill.  As approved in our permit, we can store contaminated soils and debris while analysis and DEP approvals are pending.  This process permits you to swiftly and safely remove bulky spill materials, allowing you to get back to work with the assurance that spill waste has been managed properly and in full compliance with regulations. 

Please keep in mind that the facility does not accept recyclables, large appliances or hazardous wastes. We do not currently accept any refrigeration electronics at the facility.  If you have questions regarding the wastes you are disposing of please contact us directly.


If you are unsure if any items you are looking to dispose of will be accepted please contact us


As the natural gas industry progresses in the northeast region, regulations continue to evolve regarding proper handling of wastes generated from the storage and cleanout of oil & gas wastewater tanks.   We are permitted to accept all PADEP 800-series Residual Waste Codes including sludge, tank clean-outs and industrial production fluids.  Our experienced team will work to find the most cost-efficient solution to handling this waste stream in compliance with the latest state and federal guidance. 

Types of Liquid Waste Include:

  • process wastewaters
  • waste oil
  • off-spec cemicals
  • produced fluids
  • drilling fluids
  • servicing fluids
  • lubricating oils
  • compressor oils
  • glycols
  • antifreeze
  • non-hazardous paints 

Our processing pit is fully contained by a 40 mil liner and engineered with a leak detection system allowing for approved, non-hazardous liquid wastes to be transferred and solidified prior to disposal at an off-site facility. 


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